Hugh Jackman Plays To Be Wolverine Again on Halloween

After saying goodbye to the character of Wolverine, Hugh Jackman seems to have difficulty leaving that past behind. This Thursday the actor tweeted a photo of himself in a costume shop with an original Wolverine outfit. Maybe there were pending things, like wearing the famous yellow suit of his iconic character in the comics. Although he always flew over the idea, Jackman built an image of the very specific mutant, far from strident colors.

Hugh Jackman Halloween

Logan’ marked the end of Hugh Jackman in the skin of the ‘Wolverine’ mutant. However, everything seems to indicate that the Canadian actor will once again incarnate the Marvel superhero once again, although not on the big screen.

Through his Twitter account, the actor shared a photo in which he showed a disguise of this character, revealing that this would be the one he would use to celebrate Halloween night.

But, it’s never too late! At least, that’s how it seems. In a recent message published by the actor on his social network, he exposes his desire to cross that off the list. In an image in which we see Jackman in the classic disguise of the mutant of the adamantium daggers, he wrote: “Maybe I will wear the blue and yellow spandex for my #halloweencostume”.

And it is that, this was one of the costumes that all the fans asked for the character he played, although he never needed it to give life to ‘Wolverine’.

Hugh Jackman is about to fulfill the dream of the greatest fans of the character Wolverine. Instantly the comments were flooded by his followers, who encouraged him to dress as they always wanted to see him in that costume.

As fans know, there have been multiple jokes throughout the ‘X-Men’ saga about the blue and yellow elastic material of the costume the character carries in the comics. However, the hashtag that accompanies the publication, #tootall (too high), gives us to understand that he might not buy it.

Hugh Jackman to not play Wolverine again

It’s been 17 years since we met the X-Men in movies, and since then we have not been able to imagine Wolverine with any face other than Hugh Jackman’s. Last March the Australian said goodbye to his most emblematic character. But ‘Logan’ may not be the last time the actor plays his favorite character. Halloween magic can give us this gift.

So you have to assume it little by little: Jackman has hung his claws forever. In fact, recently, the actor said in an interview that he has definitely finished with the character, and that he is not even interested in producing any of the sequels or spin-offs. Check out the complete Hugh Jackman workout routine be used to follow for his role of Wolverine.

However, projects are not lacking. Right now he is filming ‘The Front Runner’, and shortly will premiere ‘The great showman’, scheduled to reach theaters on December 29.

Hugh Jackman made it very clear when he announced the third solo installment of series titled Logan : the film would be the last time he got into the skin of the iconic mutant of the X-Men. For years, the actor has given life to the character in nine installments of the franchise about the Marvel X patrol, but now has to face the idea of ​​looking for another actor to interpret. However, Jackman admits that he does not care if this happens and that feeling was inculcated by Dougray Scott, who signed up before Jackman to play Wolverine.

After announcing that a script is being developed spin-off of Logan centered in X-23, THR has spoken with Jackman on passing the relay of the personage and the actor has explained the idea does not bother him.

In his declarations, Jackman refers to the moment in which the role of Wolverine passed from Scott’s hands to his. Scott came to shoot a few weeks as the famous mutant for the first installment of X-Men, but the incompatibility of this role with others caused him to abandon the project. The following is already history. Is it difficult for you to imagine another actor in the role of Wolverine?

The X-Men franchise continues with X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the new installment of the prequel saga on the Marvel mutants. Also with Deadpool 2, the solo sequel played by Ryan Reynodls and the new mutants, the ‘spin-off’ of X-Men that arrives at theaters on April 13, 2018. On these lines, do not miss to watch the trailer on youtube.

Will it be encouraged? Well, after saying goodbye to the character that gave him many satisfactions in a movie as powerful as “Logan”, it’s time to relax and have a little fun. Although, probably, the suit is a bit short because Jackman is much taller than the Wolverine of the comics. Can one be made to measure him?

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