Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Seen Together in Madrid

They are one of the most followed couples and these days have been in Spain. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been sen walking in the capital city of Spain, Madrid.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

The singer was in Spain for professional reasons. Joe, with his DNCE group, had a concert at the Wizink Center on the occasion of the Coca Cola Music Experience, an event that received voices like Sweet California, Nicky Jam, CNCO or Álvaro Soler.

There is no doubt that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are the couple of the moment. Although only a year ago they began their relationship, a week ago they announced their commitment through Instagram. Come on, their thing is serious.

Between his concerts and her films, giving each other time is a mess. Luckily, they know how to set times and coincide often.

The last time? This weekend in Madrid. As two young people from Madrid, Sophie and Joe have been seen together. In the square of San Ildefonso, the couple were seen buying something in a food store. In case there is nothing more typical of Madrid than that?

Yes! Sophie and Joe did not take long to get into the car in front of them. Too hot for Mrs. Winterville?

It is no coincidence that Joe and Sophie have coincided in Madrid. The singer, along with his group DNCE, was the headliner of the Coca-Cola Music Experience.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have taken advantage of a concert that the singer had in Spain to enjoy sometime together. Taking advantage of the fact that the singer and his band DNCE were the headliner of the Coca-Cola Music Experience, the actress wanted to accompany her future husband in the famous Malasaña neighborhood of the Spanish capital.

Like two other tourists, they tried to go unnoticed, although some of Madrid neighbors “caught them” in the neighborhood of Malasaña entering a food store, as noted by the main 40. With comfortable clothes and sporty look they made some purchases and then left in a car with tinted glass.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in Madrid

And although the couple tried to go unnoticed at all times, some of the Twitter users who crossed with them in the neighborhood of Malasaña immediately shared on the social network, the images of the couple they managed to capture. This was one of the tweet from a user: “We can stop to analyze that I have found Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in a Malasaña store? Thanks.”

It seems that after announcing their engagement, Joe Jonas and the actress of ‘Game of Thrones’, Sophie Turner have decided to escape a few days and enjoy.

During the concert, Joe and the rest of DNCE made the WiZink Center vibrate singing their hits like Cake On The Ocean.

Joe and Sophie announced their engagement in mid-October with an image of their intertwined hands, which featured the beautiful teardrop-shaped diamond ring on her hand. Great news for the fans of this couple who started their relationship a year ago – in November 2016 they could see the images of both in affectionate attitude in the delivery of the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Although they have not yet transcended details about what their wedding will look like, perhaps one of their bridesmaids is their companion and friend Maisie Williams, her sister Arya in fiction ‘Game of Thrones’, with whom she shares a great bond. Maisie Williams said:

“I have not had the opportunity to catch up with her yet, but I really want to find out who she’s chosen, no matter who she is. But I’m sure she’s going to pick me out, right? “

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