Justin Bieber Wants To Marry Selena Gomez

Just a few weeks have passed since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez gave themselves a second chance and for now their relationship is going smoothly.

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez marriage

Although he has friends and family who often accompany him on his tours and have followers all the time, the singer wants to establish a relationship that is more formal. I mean he wants to get married.

Now that he has finished a series of presentations, the musical idol can think seriously about what he needs, which basically is the love of someone special.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have just started a new relationship; however, things are going so well that, apparently, he is already thinking about taking his romance to marriage.

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According to Justin’s close friends, he feels very confident about his future with the singer, so much that he even “wants to be a better person” for her.

Even, just for that stormy past, is that the interpreter of “Baby” is not taking this new opportunity for granted.

“He’s changing to make her happy, which makes him happy at the same time,” a source told Us Weekly magazine.

But, things do not stop there. The source also revealed something that we already expected: “Justin wants to marry Selena Gomez, in the not too distant future.”

Although this thought is quite tender, things from Selena’s side could get complicated. Although she is sure that returning with the Canadian singer is the right thing, her family and close friends do not feel the same. She has received negative response from her fans, but reiterated that she sees it differently this time.

Her friends and family trust her judgment. For now, they are happy that she is so happy,” the source said.

Marriage Plans before Selena Gomez

Fame, money and scandals. Justin Bieber is ready to become serious.

This was made clear by the 23-year-old singer when a few weeks back when he revealed his wishes for his love life and the status he wants for her.

In recent years there has not been a thing that has been surrounded by more speculation and rumors than Justin’s heart. A few weeks ago Hailee Steinfeld’s name appeared on the map as Justin’s supposed new girlfriend, however, it was nothing more than a deceptive headline.

While he was at one of his Purpose Tour concerts a few weeks ago, Bieber met with Make-a-Wish patients and participated in a question and answer session with them.

During the interview that was captured on video, and that later was broadcast on social networks, you can see when they ask the singer and songwriter, “Would you change something about your life right now?”, And in response, Justin explained, ” I honestly want to find a girlfriend, I really want a girlfriend.”

Faced with the laughter of the person who asked the question, the interpreter of “Cold Water” insisted that it was true.

And if that was not enough content to make many scream, he also added, “I want to get married, not right now, but soon.”

He also answered questions about his favorite idol, to which he assured that Michael Jackson was the closest thing to an idol for him; and his favorite song to play, Purpose.

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez 2017

After too many rumors of the return of Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez, they were captured very close and that means she ended his relationship with The Weeknd. And now it has been confirmed that both Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are resuming their romance.

None have confirmed that they already have a love relationship, but they have been spotted kissing in public which is enough for us that they are back.

And according to everything that has come out, the romance is going smoothly, because they were seen kissing in a hockey game of the singer and this shows they are very much in love.

This weekend Justin showed that he is very proud of Selena Gomez, because she showed up at the AMA’s. Justin Bieber knew that this presentation was very important for Selena, because she worked hard for her reappearance on stage and that is why she decided to show her love and support in the most romantic way.

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